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Merica Profit

MericaProfitMerica Profit, born and raised in Little Rock, AR. She is what you call a southern girl with a big city flare & founder of Unhurd Conversations.

Merica is a working mom of 2. I have a 5 year old daughter Bailee and a 14 year old son Jacob. I have been married to my best friend Jacob Profit for 14 years and we currently reside in Benton, AR. I graduated from the University of Little Rock Arkansas with a BA in Marketing and I hold a licensed in Cosmetology.

Merica began her career in the banking/sales world and have worked in corporate America for over 14 years. With the gift of gab and connecting people I love working in sales but she wanted to do more. As a seasoned sales rep by day she always have a lot of conversations some good, some bad, some great and some she wanted to forget but with UC she had the idea to introduce us to what we can do together. So in 2015 she decided to put her passion and gift to use and Unhurd Conversations was born.

What Unhurd Conversations is all about…

A platform to discuss conversations with entrepreneurs, artists, business owners near and far. Unhurd Conversations number one focus is to heighten, promote and educate women.  Our goal is to showcase & promote what we have to offer within our natural hair events, videos, networking events and more. Moving forward for 2016 I dont want to just focus on Natural Hair but I want UC to be a fun and exciting avenue for all of us to promote what we have to offer and bring to our community. Lets build each other up and live by my motto 2 Build A Brand Support A Brand.

I encourage you to follow Unhurd Conversations on social media and subscribe to our website. If you have an event, program, product or service you want to get out there. Contact UC today! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.



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