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L.I.T.E. Timothy & Jiquay

LITE“Nothing about life is black & white. Life is a colorful mystery that must be approached with wisdom & insight. I have devoted the majority of my life seeking this wisdom that I may be of service to mankind. We are very powerful spiritual beings, however until we are ready to cultivate this gift by the power of Self-Transformation, we will continually be trapped by the chains of the Ego. My intention is to be a guide to those who are lost within theirown inner darkness & assist them in seeing the powerful light within themselves.” -Timothy 

“We are not taught to question why we feel a certain way or believe a particular belief. We are taught to cheer up, count our blessings, and distract ourselves with mundane things along the way.  We must learn to question everything. The second I asked myself why, my entire life shifted and led me on this path of auto-didactic self-transformation.” -Jiquay

Everyone has specific areas in their lives that they would like to change or need to change. However, change seems to elude us or is nearly impossible to achieve. Or so it seems? The truth is at the very moment you decide you want to “change” you simultaneously decide to stay the same. It is a natural unconscious process for the ego to preserve itself. Therefore it immediately constructs a plan to prevent its “death.” Yet, because of perpetual evolution we know that change is possible.

We have all made changes in our lives. We have persevered through the toughest transformations and accomplished what we have set out to do. Nonetheless, there are some areas in our lives in which we just can’t seem to duplicate that magic formula. In the workshop, Anatomy of Transformation, we will teach the tools you need to recreate that magic formula again and again.



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