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Kristi Alderson

Licensed Natural Hair Professional, Owner of Kinky Rootz Salon in Nashville, TN

Kristi Alderson, a licensed Natural Hair Stylist, is the sole owner and operator of Kinky Rootz Salon located in Nashville, TN. Kinky Rootz Salon is an intimate natural hair salon established in 2004 that exclusively offers natural hair care services that do not alter the natural curl pattern of the client’s hair.

Kristi is a pillar of the natural hair community in Nashville renowned as the “Queen of Kinks”. Her salon was featured in the book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair by Christia Donaldson. 3.5 18

by Christia DonaldsonChristia Donaldson A defined professional and educator reinventing the standards of what it means to wear your hair natural, her principles are not for the weak. She is upfront and very honest when it comes to natural healthy hair care. Kristi offers innovative natural hair services like comb coils, rod sets, goddess locks, nubian twists, bantu knots, loc start-up and development, color and more. “Terms like “nappy” and “kinky” are used in a positive light in my salon because my main objective is to redefine individuals’ concept of beauty… naturally. I don’t just do hair, I connect with my clients on a much deeper level” says Kristi. She consistently attends trade shows all over the world, remaining abreast on the latest and hottest hair trends in the natural hair care industry and her signature styles can be found all over various social media sites.



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